In a world where 780 million people lack access to clean drinking water, the creation of water well drilling teams consisting of local citizens brings hope, pride and a source of income to the community.  


By equipping these drill teams with the tools and skills they require to bring clean water to a population, we are doing more than just giving water to those in need.

Disciples4Water is a passionate group of Disciples seeking wholeness in a fragmented world by sharing living water and promoting a sustainable solution to the water crisis.


The global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives each year.  This means 388 people die every hour from waterborne illness.  44% of those that die are children.  If a child is dying every 21 seconds, then surely this is a crisis that can no longer be ignored.


Through a unique partnership with local communities in need, Global Ministries, Water4, and churches throughout the United States, Disciples4Water is addressing the crisis by establishing  and training local water well drilling teams as entrepreneurial businesses to drill and maintain water wells in their local communities.  Additionally, we provide project teams from our partnership to work in these local communities on water related initiatives focused on healthcare  and education.


The local communities invest money and identify the men and women who make up the drill teams, and coordinate with Disciples4Water  on the planning and budgeting of efforts and needs.  Disciples4Water, in turn purchases equipment and tools to establish the teams, and then invests in these teams through funding of ongoing material purchases and project teams showing our support of the local community.


Global Ministries connects Disciples4Water with communities in need around the world through their affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Additionally, Global Ministries, from time to time, makes grant funds available to assist in the startup of the local drill teams.


Water4 provides the drilling technology and training for the local drill teams established through Disciples4Water.  Water4's unique approach to solving the world's water crisis provides a drilling technique that is entirely manual and sustainable; and as such is portable to any region in the world where water can be reached within approximately 100 feet of the surface.

Working in Support of Clean Water


Disciples4Water relies on the strengths and competencies of our partner churches and the individual ministry participants.  However, it is not the individual strengths and competencies that are important.  It is how they are transformed into a mission team that is important.  While each participating member has their own unique skills and abilities, the ultimate face of Disciples4Water is displayed through the strengths and core competencies as a whole.


Mission trips focus on training water well drill teams to drill wells, to educate those communities receiving wells on the importance of clean water, and to manage their inventory and equipment.  Additionally, our mission teams partner with local in-country churches to assist with water-related health care and education projects. 


Helping to solve the world water crisis

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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

"Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth."

1 John 3:18