Mission Team Congo, 2014

The six members of this team from First Christian Church of Edmond, partnered with a member from Global Ministries and two Water4 team members to train the inaugural drill team in the Congo.   

Billy Harrison, Disciples4Water 2016 Moderator 

Under Billy Harrison's watchful eye, the Disciples4Water ministry has grown and strengthened its position as a global outreach opportunity within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) during 2016.  Mr. Harrison's role includes coordinating the team's activities, reporting to our partner organizations, and ensuring transparency in all that we do. 

Rev. Eliki Bonanga, President Disciples of Christ in the Congo

As president of the Disciples of Christ Church in the Congo, Rev. Bonanga has coordinated efforts between the churches in the Congo, Disciples4Water and Global Ministries as our mission to solve the worldwide water crisis was undertaken.  Rev. Bonanga continues in strengthening the relationships as he develops his staff and the drill team in the Congo to work in partnership with both Disciples4Water and Water4.

Our first drill team based in Mbandaka, Equatorial Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, was trained in October 2014 and has successfully drilled more than 25 wells to-date.











Helping to solve the world water crisis

Janet Helms, Founder and Congo Liaison

In 2013 Janet Helms had a vision.  After learning of the drilling methodology used by Water4, in her heart, she knew God wanted her to go to Africa and drill water wells. It was not an easy journey, but faith seems to always find a way.  Working with staff members from both Water4 and Global Ministries, Janet put together of team of passionate multi-skilled volunteers to form Disciples4Water.  Janet now coordinates activities between the Disciples4Water team and the Congolese drill team in Mbandaka, Equatorial Province, DRC.

Nolien Zamoko Mayenda, Disciples4Water Congo Drill Team Leader

Born in Bolenge in 1985, Nolien, from the Ngiri Sector of Bomongo

Territory, District of Ecuador, in Equateur Province was awarded the position of Drill Team Leader based on his leadership skills, education and passion for serving his fellow Congolese.   He is married to Mrs. Sylvie Endjombela and the father of two children.